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Thursday, August 27, 2020

5 Gaming Accessories to Help You Become a Pro PUBG Champion

These PUBG gaming accessories can convert your regular smartphone into a correct gaming console. 
5 Gaming Accessories to Help You Become a Pro PUBG Champion
5 Gaming Accessories to Help You Become a Pro PUBG Champion

No matter how good you get twitching your fingers on the mobile screen, a physical button and a joystick will always provides a player an whip hand while playing mobile games.

No matter what percentage ‘Chicken Dinners’ you would possibly have gobbled while playing PUBG, i'm sure there are times you thought that there would be something to form the gaming experience more immersive and at an equivalent time offer you that competitive edge over your enemies.

So get smart, get set and obtain gaming with these 5 smartphone gaming accessories to become a professional at PUBG.

Bluetooth Gaming Joystick

A Bluetooth gaming joystick is that the closest thing that involves supplying you with a real gaming console experience. A Bluetooth Joystick is meant almost like a PS4 or an Xbox joystick and ergonomically is ideal for long gaming sessions.

The Leoie Wireless Bluetooth game pad comes with an attachment, which houses the smartphone over the joystick and connects to the phone via Bluetooth. there's also the SAMEO SG27 Wireless Gaming Controller you'll buy that allows you to mount your smartphone on a stand which you'll place anywhere you wish . Something that the Leoie gamepad doesn’t allow you to do.

The SAMEO SG27 Wireless Gaming Controller is out there online at Rs 2,825 while if you’re trying to find a less expensive option, you'll always choose the Leoie Wireless Bluetooth gamepad at Rs 1,403.

Mobile Phone Triggers

This accessory burst into the scene as soon as PUBG became a rage within the smartphone gaming world. mobile triggers act as attachments that you simply can fix to the highest of your smartphone while playing games — especially person shooter games like Modern Combat, Nova and PUBG.

The triggers are available contact with only the highest of the mobile display, which is where you'll customise your game’s controls and position the shooting buttons. this manner you'll also avoid all those misfires you've got during the sport .

Triggers only provide assist for one button while for the opposite functions and commands you've got to depend upon the in-display options.

Mobile gaming triggers are often purchased online for as low as Rs 225. There also are top quality triggers available at Rs 800 and above, but i assume the cheaper ones will suffice.

Mobile Gaming Handle+Trigger Combo

A mobile handle/grip is one intensify from adding a trigger to your smartphone. The handle provides that extra grip and during a way that transforms your smartphone into a gaming controller with a screen.

This is an excellent thanks to enjoy the sport and also not worry about the phone slipping out of your hands or your palm covering the microphone. Though this might appear to be an excellent accessory to possess it'd not suit people with small hands as some functions on the screen might become inaccessible to your fingers if you opt to use the handle.

Touch Screen Game Joystick

The touch screen joystick is a stimulating concept and something that PUBG players will certainly like. The accessory attaches to you phone and acts as a physical joystick unlike the one you employ within the game.

It’s always good to possess a feedback once you are playing because it gives you better control over your aiming and cross wire controls and also enhances the grip on the phone.

You can buy the touch screen game joystick just like the HEBRIK Touch Screen Game Rocker Controller Joystick online for a starting price of Rs 400, but there are always other brands you'll consider.

Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard

This is just for the really serious mobile gamers as this proposition isn’t an inexpensive one. The mechanical Bluetooth gaming keyboard setup just like the Gamesir Z1 will easily cost you somewhere near Rs 5,000 online.

The gizmo acts sort of a hub which connects to your smartphone and allows you to attach a mouse thereto via a type-C converter to convert the entire setup into a PC-like gaming station.

The gizmo isn't available in India, therefore you'll hunt within the Chinese online space and that i am sure you’ll find an honest deal.

Most of the accessories are available on amazon so please go to amazon to take a look at the product.

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