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Saturday, August 29, 2020

PUBG Hacks: Best 5 Secret Pubg Mobile Hacks and Tricks

 Top 5 PUBG Mobile Hacks which will blow your mind, Pubg Mobile Hacks without ban, Smart Pubg mobile tricks to play like a BOSS.

PUBG Hacks: Best 5 Secret Pubg Mobile Hacks and Tricks
PUBG Hacks: Best 5 Secret Pubg Mobile Hacks and Tricks

Do you knoe why the best player gets chicken dinner every time?.. Here is how they use this Simple Pubg Mobile hacks, Pubg Mobile Tricks to win the match. The top Players Know all the gliches in the game and they use it against the enemy.

Here are the top 5 Pubg mobile hacks and tricks.

1) How to go into a wall in Pubg Mobile?

Using this PubG wallhack, you can see the enemies, vehicles, arms, ammunition and a lot of other materials which can be useful in the game, through the wall, without letting your enemy know. It makes the loot easy and even killing enemies gets easier.
  • To perform this hack, you will need one partner from your squad who will push you against the wall.
  • Go running against the wall, sit down, and ask your partner to push you.
  • This trick is possible only in the school spot.

2) How to make a smoke cloud In Pubg Mobile?

This hack is very successful in diverting the mind of the enemy.

  • Go to the rooftop of the building.
  • Hold the smoke grenade for 7 seconds.
  • Jump off the building when just 1 second is left for the smoke grenade to burst.

3) How to land fast?

This hack is really important for the ones who wish to stay in the game until the end. The faster you land, the more arms you will be able to loot, which will help in attacking the enemy.
  • While landing from the plane, tilt the camera angle if your phone downwards.
  • This will increase your speed and let you land faster.

4) Entry and Exit through Car Window

This hack will allow you to enter a house without exiting the car and without letting your enemies know about your presence.

  • Park the car right beside the window to see the exit sign.
  • Make sure you exit from that seat of the car which is right next to the window to land directly into the house.

3) How to blast gas can in the water?

This hack is not known to many wherein you can blast the gas can in the water only and can damage your enemy underwater without letting him know.

  • Hide the gas can under the water.
  • The moment you see the enemy coming near the gas can, throw the frag grenade over it. It will blast in 2-3 seconds.

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