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Monday, August 31, 2020

Pubg mobile hack- increase FPS of Pubg Mobile, FPS boost in pubg mobile

 While playing Pubg mobile FPS is the most important aspect. The more the FPS better the game play. While combat if the the FPS drops there are nearly 90 percent chances your will be killed by the enemy. With less FPS in Pubg mobile you can't aim properly.

PUBG mobile FPS Boost
Pubg mobile FPS boost 

Some Ways to Boost Pubg mobile FPS.

Reduction in FPS may affect the reaction time for aiming. FPS in pubg mobile May affect your score and lead you to go down the league.

 FPS Boost in pubg is quite simple which gives you a good treat. 

Here is the Important guide to boost or increase the FPS in Pubg Mobile which will significantly improve your gaming experience

#1 Best Pubg Mobile Graphics Settings.

  • Graphics:- Smooth.
  • Frame rate (FPS):- Maximum as you device supports (extreme).
  • Style:- Colorful (Depending on your choice).
  • Anti aliasing:- Disable.
  • Auto Adjust Graphics:- Disable.
Pubg mobile FPS hack
PUBG mobile FPS boost

#2 Free up the RAM.

  • clear Apps running in the background.
  • See apps using more RAM.
  • Recent apps consume much RAM which turns out your game to be laggy.

#3 Storage Cleanups

Clean Storage as much as possible. Pubg Mobile now nearly consumes 6 to 6.5 GB of storage and requires additional storage while running, so more the storage is empty more the game runs smooth. 

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