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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pubg Mobile Hacks - All the Pubg Mobile Hacks Ever existed.

I’m not a professional but I personally use this Pubg mobile tricks and Pubg mobile Hacks to win and obtain decent amount of kills. Pubg mobile Hacks can help you achieve good scores. All the Pubg Mobile Hacks are legal and does't suspend your account

Pubg Mobile Hacks - All the Pubg Mobile Hacks Ever existed.
Pubg Mobile Hacks - All the Pubg Mobile Hacks Ever existed.

But here are some Pubg Mobile Hacks you can Implement:

  • Never land with a lot of players
  • If you land and you see tons of players devour any weapon you see first ( albeit it’s a pistol) because which may save your day.
  • Never loot from other player’s crates till you're sure there are not any players around.
  • If you get a 3 wheeler burst the front wheel of the bike, it'll help tons to regulate the bike.
  • The back seat of buggy is bullet proof, therefore the driver won't be harmed if an enemy shoots from behind.
  • Swap your SNIPER or DMR with an AR within the last circle. Might help if your primary weapon needs a reload..
  • Keep a 3x handy because it's an excellent angle of view and doesn't provides a lot of recoil.
  • Even when prone your movement features a little or no sound. Be very keen for the snakes around
  • Team rushing you ! Throw 1–2 grenades over the steps in order that you get 1 or 2 instant kill.
  • Playing TPP use the third person view at the fullest around the corners.
  • Stun grenades are best when you are rushing an enemy. They can be wont to bait an enemy to seem at a selected direction because it shows a gunshot indicator on the map.
  • Never leave a knocked enemy. Kill him/her, you'll have one less enemy to affect .
  • Never team up with other players. Two reasons: 1. He/she might kill you, 2. You might get banned for teaming.
  • Never keep quite 180 bullets for one gun.
  • Never Keep a full bag.
  • 40 bullets for a sniper is enough.
  • Keep moving while you are searching for an enemy or looting.
  • Practice the 4 fingers claw control.
  • Low sensitivity might help tons once you want to quickly aim

Pubg Mobile Hacks - All the Pubg Mobile Hacks Ever existed.
Pubg Mobile Hacks - All the Pubg Mobile Hacks Ever existed.

This are my settings for Aim sensitivity…

Some More Pubg Mobile Hacks and tricks

  • (Only Erangel) Last circle, open field and tons of players, no problem. Keep a uaz or Dacia with you. Bust it’s tires, blast it and keep a safe distance from it(don’t stay in it's cover because players will throw grenade towards you). Use Tip. 11 and wait for other players to shoot or throw grenades. By this they will expose their location and it would be easy.
  • If you're playing a squad game always spot other players then start shooting them.
  • While driving from a city or a big compound keep an eye on windows and doors of the buildings. Chances are you might see an enemy from far away and get an early chance to escape.
  • Wanna camp and multiple buildings are around. Always check them before you wait for the next zone. 2 reasons : 1. Might find a camper, 2. Might find little amount of proper supplies.
  • Practice DMRs. You might not always find a bolt action precision rifle .
  • VSS features a plus point once you attempt to hit a foreign enemy. Neglecting the slogan VSS bullets travel slower than sound VSS bullets doesn’t show any visual clue on opponent’s map after a certain distance.
  • Gatka region has a lot of bushes which are good for hiding in the last zone.
  • Mk14 deals a great amount of damage. Practice to handle it’s recoil when in auto. (I wiped a whole squad with it once)
  • Duckbells are better than choke. (S12K and S1897)
  • R45 has the very best damage in comparison to other pistols and revolvers.(Even reload time is less)
  • Never peek from same window or door or side(when behind some cover). Chances are enemy is expecting you to peek and a headshot, you're dead.
  • Running zigzag when getting shot really helps.
  • Bridge campers are a pain in the a*s. Wanna break the block ! Here’s a tip : 1. For duo - knock one enemy and quickly change the side of the bridge and then wait for them to cross. For squad - knock 2 enemies and push them ASAP.
  • Wanna block the bridge ? No problem .! never use cars to dam the bridge because a recent bug within the game reveals out the bridge camp. You could see a car or buggy parked in the centre of the bridge from the other side. Simply ditch the car somewhere in the grass but don’t keep it on the bridge. You have the fire power which is enough.
  • Take out the driver in the car rather than shorting others in it. Easy to prevent them from deed and bonus kills in fact .
  • No need to maintain K/D, it’s of no use. Show of your Skills rather than Stats.
  • Use Good headphones when playing the game. Deep bass headphones are the most recommended.
  • Random Team mate gets itchy. Try to be calm with him/her. loot and other things, share them
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