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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

pubg mobile anti-cheat: 2.2 million accounts banned for hacking

PUBG Mobile revealed an enormous progress in their anti-cheat program. The officials have revealed that they need banned over 2.2 million accounts within the period of seven days. the huge banwave includes over 1.4 million devices getting banned for cheating.

PUBG mobile anti-cheat announcement.

PUBG Mobile made the anti-cheating announcement on several social media platforms and therefore the numbers are huge for the time frame of seven days. From 20th August to 27th August, PUBG Mobile has banned a complete of two ,273,152 accounts and 1,424,854 devices for cheating with various methods.

pubg mobile anti-cheat: 2.2 million accounts banned for hacking

The bans are distributed into several categories as follows:

  • X-Ray Vision – Cheaters who used stuff like wall-hack or any other cheat that allows them to spot enemies from a long distance. 32% were banned for using this.
  • Auto-Aim Hacks – The name says it all. The infamous hack was used by 27% of total banned players.
  • Speed Hacks – If you have ever spotted a Flash in-game, they were one of the speedhackers. 12% were banned for using this hack.
  • Modification of Parameters: Area Damage modifications led to 4% bans and modified character models led to 3% of bans.
  • Others – Exploiting the game in any other way possible. 22% were banned for using this.
  • pubg mobile anti-cheat: 2.2 million accounts banned for hacking

    PUBG Mobile has been striving to make a far better platform of fair-play since an extended time and introduced several programme since the last year. the sport is about to launch their big update on 8th September which goes to be a replacement Era for them. along side various enhancements and new additions like Erangel 2.0, the anti-cheating measures are learning the pace also.

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