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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

90 FPS on Pubg Mobile is on its way!

 In the world of competitive gaming and eSports, frame rates are often the foremost talked-about aspect that really affects the gameplay experience. So when PUBG announced that prime refresh rate support are going to be coming to the mobile game, fans were delighted.

90 FPS on Pubg Mobile is on its way!

Fast forward to 8th of September 2020, and therefore the update is close to roll bent all supported smartphones, during a move which will surely please high-end smartphone owners. just in case you’re wondering what proportion of a difference it makes and why it's such an enormous deal, here’s our experience testing out PUBG Mobile at 90fps.

90 FPS on Pubg Mobile is on its way! latest update

While the feature are going to be publicly available to other smartphones starting September 8, OnePlus smartphones got early access to the 90fps setting. It’s still unclear which phones will join the list, but we expect all high-end Android smartphones with a high refresh rate display to be supported. 

Playing PUBG mobile in 90 FPS will make you a best gamer


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