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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Dynamo Gaming: PUBG banned Dynamo Gaming thoughts!!

  Aadii Sawant popularly called Dynamo the owner of Dynamo Gaming youtube channel. he's a really popular Indian streamer and he's best known for his sniping and his headshots are very talked-about and hazardous compared to the other PUBG Mobile player in India.

Dynamo Gaming: PUBG banned Dynamo Gaming thoughts!!

Everyone who watches his stream like to hear his dialogues “Patt Se Headshot” which he used to speak while shooting a headshot in PUBG.

Dynamo Gaming doesn't even worry even if PUBG Mobile gets banned because he doesn't solely play PUBG Mobile on his channel. He can still stream other games such as GTA 5 or other games if PUBG Mobile is no longer available

He said in his stream that "dont worry guys it happens, for the sec of country we should move on.

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