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Sunday, September 6, 2020

PUBG hacks: All Unknown hacks of Pubg Mobile

This is especially for all the PubG lovers. Apply these hacks to your game and make the most kills and stand till the end of the game to win your chicken dinner.

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How to go from one place to another?

This hack is useful to switch between two places without coming in the notice of your enemy. Just hide behind any door until somebody opens the door. The moment the door is opened, you will directly land on the opposite side of the door.

How to kill your enemy without letting him know?

This hack is useful to kill your enemies. A situation where you know there are enemies inside the room, you cannot use the door to enter the room. In that case, go to the window slide, and use is to enter the room through the window secretly.

How to get up fast?

This hack comes to use when you are hiding in the grass to spot and kill your enemies. While you are finding your enemy by hiding in the grass, he can find you too, and if he does, he will kill you because it takes time to get up from the grass. For getting up faster, just press the lay down button and punch button together, you will see the difference.

How to see a person in smoke?

Whenever a player has to revive his teammate or hide from the enemy, he uses the smoke. This way even you cannot see your enemy. To locate your enemy even in the smoke, use a simple hack. Go into the smoke and press the TPP to FPP button.

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