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Monday, September 28, 2020

PUBG Mobile Hacker: How to Kill PUBG Mobile Hackers..

I’m sure we’ve all seen our justifiable share of posts here regarding cheaters. Whether it's a clip of someone wallhacking, an accusation (true or false), or a claim that there are not any cheaters in PUBG Mobile, it’s gone too far. Here, i will be able to detail the strategies that I personally use to require one (or more) of those kids down.

PUBG Mobile Hacker: How to Kill PUBG Mobile Hackers..
PUBG Mobile Hacker: How to Kill PUBG Mobile Hackers..

The first step is identifying your PUBG Mobile Hacker:

They prefer to hot drop (land during a populated area) as they will rack up a bunch of early game kills.

No recoil users favour employing a suppressor on an AKM, because what’s the purpose in employing a Compensator if you don’t have any recoil to compensate for?

They will also obviously full auto spray you, with no recoil, hitting basically every shot, from a distance greater than even the simplest player could control their recoil from.

If you're shot at by one among these guys and that they miss, check the hole pattern that's left on the wall. If all the bullets hit the precise same spot then that’s pretty suspicious.

Wallhackers will sometimes fire at the wall/tree you're taking cover behind, albeit they didn’t ‘see’ you there, as trees/buildings/rocks don't render for them at a distance, in order that they take an attempt at what's seemingly (on their screen) an individual within the middle of the open.

Some also can see through smoke grenades, leaves, and grass. Of course, with skill, intuition, and a touch little bit of luck, anybody can shoot through leaves or a smoke bomb and obtain some hits, maybe a knock, maybe a kill. But, without some sort of prior game knowledge, like knowing exactly which tree which player is behind, it should be a red flag once you are instantly downed through a smoke bomb as if your opponent saw no smoke in the least .

If you'll get their name, and find out the members of their squad and what guns they're using, you'll listen for shots and watch the kill feed to seek out out where he's .

The next step is, obviously, kill the PUBG Mobile Hacker:

The entire reason you would like to spot them is because you want to change your entire playstyle to reflect the very fact that there are potential hackers in your match. Nobody but the hacker and their squad may be a priority target in these cases. If you've got to miss out on 20 easy kills and ignore other enemies just to require down 1 hacker, I’d say it’s worthwhile . It feels good.

A simple way of killing them lies outside the playzone (no pun intended). If you're conscious of their position, you'll constantly relocate yourself to a secure a part of the circle which will allow you to trap the hackers outside of the zone when it moves. for instance , you'll camp the sting of the zone, shoot their tires out, and spray em as they run into the circle.

Another way would be to possess multiple teammates peak an equivalent guy at the precise same time. If your opponent has an aimbot, they will kill your entire squad almost instantly. What must happen is communication - if you and your teammates can coordinate an attack on one guy at an equivalent time, he will go down.

Finally, go stealth. If you're cunning enough, twiddling my thumbs . Sit behind a wall up a house that he has got to come to, listening very closely. Don’t make a sound, and once you hear his spray pattern or footsteps approach, begin and blast him while he’s fully sprint mode. This works especially well because their hacks aren't as effective up close.

If you've got no choice, rush them, during a car or whatever, and make them fight you shut range. you'll stand far more of an opportunity .

Other random tips include:

An aimbot user will (99% of the time) only hit your chest, thus, only damaging your vest (heh - that rhymes). Somebody with magic bullets enabled will literally kill you thru walls. The way around this is often to use hills to your advantage. there's no hack that lets a bullet penetrate hard terrain, like mountains or a ditch. you're much safer hiding behind a hill (to protect you from the magic bullets) and only peaking your head over the highest (to protect you from the aimbot users).

Learn about how the hacks work, like I did, so I could fight them with more of a plus . this is often actually a very crucial part because nobody is sweet at every computer game , so learning the way to identify a player that's better than you and a player that's cheating will help everything.

Add hackers to your friends list, so you'll know once they play, and when to avoid them. Maybe even invite them to a game, die early, and spectate them without saying anything, record them, stay quiet and that they might think you’ve backed out and are not any longer watching.

Actually contact Tencent. Email them, with the players details (Character ID) and your video clip of their suspicious activities. If you've got a lover who is full auto spraying people down (300+ metres away) way too easily while you’re taking single fire shots and you recognize something fishy goes on, say something. allow them to know that these people that they could have considered to be their friend want nothing to try to to with them anymore. Tell everybody about them. Isolation is vital . Letting them trick others into thinking that they're legit is merely feeding the hearth . Cheaters breed cheaters.

I don’t want to ascertain anybody else quit this game due to this. and that i don’t want to possess to quit either.

To be honest, i'm accused of hacking every single day, which couldn’t be beyond the reality . I had the #1 spot (NA Squads TPP) removed from me by a cheater. removed by somebody who did nothing to urge there. Believe me, I as well, don't like these kids.

But all of those posts accusing all of those hackers will only make it worse. In my mind, if we allow them to get under our skin, we give them exactly what they need . i do know losing points sucks, but I don’t think we should always be mad if you happen to die to those guys - be happy. Be happy that an actual fair player couldn’t kill you. Be happy that others have had such a tough time learning the way to play a computer game that they resorted to cheating just to face an opportunity against you.

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