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Friday, September 11, 2020

PUBG mobile- jio partnership with PUBG Mobile in India?

  • Some rumours on the internet state the PUBG Corporation is in talks with Jio to come to a possible resolution.
  • Jio had recently partnered with PUBG Lite, which is the toned-down version of PUBG PC
PUBG Corporation recently announced that they no longer have plans to authorize the event of PUBG Mobile in India to Tencent Games. They also stated that they might gradually take over the publishing responsibilities within the country.

PUBG mobile- jio partnership with PUBG Mobile in India?

The announcement brought a replacement ray of hope for PUBG Mobile players. After the news of PUBG Corporation trying to find an Indian partner broke out on social media, several videos and posts started claiming that the corporate is getting to team with Jio and convey back the game in India. However, there's no official information on an equivalent.

Reliance Jio may be in partnership with PUBG Mobile in India?

According to some rumours that are making their rounds on the web , PUBG Mobile is in talks with Jio to seem for a way of unbanning the game in India.As mentioned earlier, several videos and posts associated with this subject have surfaced online. Many of them claim that the partnership is well in situ , which the game will make a comeback soon.

Some of the claims stated the rationale that Mukesh Ambani, during a conversation with Satya Nadella in February 2020, had hinted at a possible gaming move soon. He said:

“For many of us who don’t know what gaming is, it is very hard to imagine but gaming will be bigger than music, movies and tv shows put together”

There is another reason that's fuelling the rumour mill. Last year, Jio had partnered with PUBG Lite, which is that the toned-down version of PUBG PC. As a results of this partnership, Jio network users received some exclusive in-game rewards.

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There is no official confirmation regarding the partnership yet. Players should keep checking the social media handles of PUBG Corporation so as to remain updated

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