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Thursday, September 24, 2020

PUBG Mobile: MK12 gun damage, map locations, and many more.

  • This new marksman rifle is extremely stable and offers a big amount of injury per hit. 
PUBG Mobile: MK12 gun damage, map locations, and many more.
 MK12 gun damage, map locations, and many more.

PUBG Mobile has gained immense success and recognition within the battle royale games category. The game's great quality graphics and immersive in-game dynamics keep players engaged in it. PUBG Mobile regularly introduces new weapons to stay players curious about the sport . Recently, a fresh weapon - the MK12, got added to the sport . during this article, we glance at the MK12's map location, damage, and more.

PUBG Mobile: MK12 weapon location and damage:

MK12 map location:

MK12 is that the latest addition to the DMR category in PUBG Mobile. it's one tap weapon that uses 5.56mm ammunition. MK12 is out there only within the Livik map for the nonce . Livik is that the latest addition to the map pool on PUBG Mobile. it's best suited to players who like fast-paced action in their games. A match in Livik lasts a maximum of quarter-hour . The weapon features a decent spawn rate across the map though.

MK12 damage statistics:

The gun deals an equivalent amount of injury because the Mini14 and therefore the QBU(Sanhok only). It's single shot damage is 46 hit points. The damage amount also depends on the a part of the player that the bullets strike. you'll knock or kill an enemy player with 2-3 headshots, even with A level 2 or level 3 helmet.

The best thing about the MK12 is its low recoil. The weapon is extremely stable, and therefore the player can equip the MK12 with 4 pieces of kit , including a scope. It can hold a muzzle, magazine, and an edge . The weapon comes pre-equipped with 20 bullets per round which are often increased up to 30 bullets with the assistance of an extended magazine.

The weapon is most suited to mid-range fights, but if a player manages to urge a 4x or 6x scope, then it are often useful for long distance shots also.

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