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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PUBG mobile vs COD mobile which is better?

PUBG Mobile was launched on 9 February 2018. When gamers started playing pubg mobile, the hype of battle royale games increased. The well known PC Game developers of Call of Duty came in the line and developed tere own battle royale COD mobile. Both game nearly has the same Platform and styling. Now the question which one is better?

Now there are lots of aspects to be considered here to give a direct say that which one is better. Like game play wise? Graphics? User interface? Control? Game timing? Different modes?Well this can be dragged into a big debate, I will try to keep it short and simple just give my say on it.

COD Mobile:


1.    Hands down codm graphics are top notch best in the line, in real sense it takes you to the PC line up of call of duty. So realistic environment, realistic special ops characters.

2.    Weaponry in CODM seems more realistic and advanced traditional call of duty aesthetics, you have to love the way the designed weapons.

3.    Nades of different purpose, realistic graphic representation.

4.    Character movements, and physics of the game is better, game is made on unity engine.

5.    Game has different enjoyable gaming modes, adopted directly from PC version. Deathmatch, frontline, diffusal mode etc

6.    Recently epic zombie mode has been added.

7.    Battle royale mode is directly copied from black out version which is insanely good.

8.    Character can choose speciality and can experiment with team members as per strategies,

9.    In game boosts, upgrade terminal, crates to upgrade.

10.  Special features like helicopter, combat vehicle van, zipline to cover distances and heights.

11.  Dog tags feature which lets you revive team mates who don't have to wait till game end to play again. Can move and heal at the same time.


1.    Server lag, as game is new and lots of bugs are to be tackled and reduced.

2.    Player customisation is less, which is main highlight in pubg to create your own unique character.

3.    Less user base till now, well as per today it has crossed 170million download world wide. But still cannot see much players eager to connect like they storm in for pubg.

PUBG Mobile:


1.    Game is immersive keeps you engaged you cannot just get enough out of single game.

2.    More maps as game is now old and has developed a lot taking up to its PC counter part receiving updates regularly.

3.    Controls well i think they have set a benchmark and we expect that now each game has similar layout.

4.    Multiplayer modes yes as per demand, launched zombie mode, death match, now upcoming payload, war, arcade, etc. You csn choose and play as per your mood.

5.    Lots of weapons and customisations similar to PC one, user experience and interface seems a times confusing to find stuff but with new updates things have improved.

6.    As of to say pubg M has set a benchmark that you compare any new shooter game with this thats how popular it has become, brought revolution in mobile gaming so much that even new launch of phones are being tested on the basis that if pubg is playable in what settings.

7.    Graphics wise very good compares well to any game you put on in this segment of gaming. Effects, shadows, sounds well calibrated, environment in maps have been continuously improved, wait to see new Erangle 2.0 you will get my point.

8.    Well you get my point its pretty much fun for everyone.


1.    Pubg Mobile is little bit off in graphics not that mind boggling, it depends on the person playing some may love some may not

2.    Some advance game perks not available which rivals have included already right away from launch.

3.    Pubg Mobile has started or now it has already copied all goodies which are present in the rival, i am saying directly copied Nothing different, from helicopter, to revival tags, rocket launchers, grenade launcher etc.

I play both of them I like both for their respective unique features and game play, but Pubg Mobile should have done something of their own unique idea instead of copying straight from COD Mobile, like dog tag, rocket launchers, grenade launcher, helicopter, heal while move, run slide etc

Both are best of their own different worlds.

Info source :- Quora


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