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Saturday, September 5, 2020

PUBG Updates: PUBG Adding Fans-Requested Game Mode

PUBG: announced Thursday that it will soon add a long-awaited multiplayer mode.

it will soon add a long-awaited multiplayer mode.
 PUBG will soon add a long-awaited multiplayer mode.

There are numerous modes available in PUBG, with ranked and unranked variations. However, the game's classic Solos mode, which has players competing to be the last person standing, has been omitted from ranked competition. Rather, the battle royale's ranked modes have focused on squads.

The PUBG team will soon update the sport with a Ranked Solo mode, consistent with a press release from the game's support Twitter account. Its statement says that the team has carefully worked to feature the mode while ensuring the steadiness of the game's "other queues and modes." Further, the statement promises to supply more information because it becomes available.

PUBG Updates: PUBG Adding Fans-Requested Game Mode

As Solos is one among the game's original modes, its upcoming ranked variation should provide a fresh thanks to play. However, as was the case with the Ranked Mode's addition earlier this year, players could see this as insufficient , too late. Whereas many battle royale games introduced ranked modes at or near the beginning , PUBG's addition of ranked modes was seen as delayed.

The PUBG team seems to have an interest in capitalizing on its competitive elements as lately . Recently, 2.2 million players were banned from PUBG Mobile over the course of every week for employing a sort of hacks. Banning cheaters isn't necessarily new PUBG, as many players are banned in total, but the game's one-week purge was jarring for several .

While the new update's release date is currently unknown, Thursday's Twitter statement comes on the coattails of Updates 8.1 and 8.2. Update 8.1 brought various gameplay tweaks and changes to the Sanhok map, also as presentation improvements. Moreover, Update 8.2 added a replacement weapon and visual updates to existing weapons within the game.

Although PUBG has seen many welcome changes, the sport has also seen controversy, including being banning in India. the sport managed to avoid being prohibited by the country in late July, but PUBG Mobile was officially banned later due to "cybersecurity concerns."

On a brighter note, PS Plus subscribers who have yet to play PUBG can download it for free of charge throughout September together of PS Plus' free games. Given the game's regular $29.99 tag on the PlayStation Store, interested PS Plus members who want to hitch PUBG's 70 million players should consider download the battle royale before this deal ends.

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